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Godzilla: 50 Years of Destruction

20:07 15-04-12
Добавил: Серёжа александрович Все видео / Кино и ТВ
The king of the monsters. We all know him around the world as Godzilla. This has got to be my number one franchise series and I have not stopped loving it since I has about 2 years old. Now 15 years later, here I am creating this massive tribute video incorporating all 28 Godzilla films over the past 50 years excluding the American remake that I just despise with all my guts. I am very excited to see what Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures has in store for us as I was very pleased with the director of "Monsters" been placed as director. I am very passionate about this series and is one of my many inspiration in life. I own all 28 films (even the American remake) and hundreds of Godzilla collectibles just displayed in my room. I really am a true fan of the series and I really cannot wait until Toho [the company that creates the films] decides to create another one.
I hope you enjoy this tribute video which I put my heart and soul into.
Метки: Godzilla  Years  Destruction 
Видеоролик "Godzilla: 50 Years of Destruction " добавлен автором Серёжа александрович в категорию Кино и ТВ.