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18:41 07-03-12
Добавил: Sergey Все видео / Компьютерные игры
Players from the mainland has produced a full-3D MAX cs movie, the entire movie in full by reference to "The Rock: Jedi mission" of a scene, while the use of the film all the background music as well as the dialogue, I feel very shocked. The whole 3D movie very rarely see one before, only in early 2004, but also players from the mainland by the production of full-maya. 3D tasks are more demanding full-time, production time is often the movie is generally double or even double, the Department works in the technique, although I feel this is not so sophisticated, but very valuable.
Метки: Counter-Strike-Dmovie 
Видеоролик "Counter-Strike-3Dmovie" добавлен автором Sergey в категорию Компьютерные игры.