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How to level up FAST in BF3! 8000+ Points!

20:33 08-03-12
Добавил: Sergey Все видео / Компьютерные игры
By doing this, you can actually level up really quick. Sure it's a bit boring but you'll see results. Also, please stop telling me to add you on Xbox, it's not that I wouldn't but I actually don't play Xbox anymore. It's not 12 vs 1, it's a scoreboard glitch so stop telling me that's the only reason I pulled this off. You can see multiple enemies on the screen at some points too. *I'm lv 4 because I made this when BF3 first came out in case you're wondering*
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Видеоролик "How to level up FAST in BF3! 8000+ Points!" добавлен автором Sergey в категорию Компьютерные игры.