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Left 4 Dead Episode 1 (fan film)

18:48 07-03-12
Добавил: Sergey Все видео / Компьютерные игры
This was made in 2009. The revised edition will be uploaded after all 4 episodes are finished filming. This was my first attempt at a fan film based off of the game Left 4 Dead created by Valve entertainment. Please excuse the audio, and video quality. We were having all sorts of problems during production. Murphy's law kinda kicked our butts. This ended up being a flawed masterpiece. There are some special effects and sound effects missing throughout the film. This is a non-profit film and is for private use only not intended for sales or commercial use. ALL RIGHTS and TM reserved to the ORIGINAL CREATORS of the following content used within the film. this film was produced solely for entertainment purposesPlease enjoy the film, and thank you for appreciating for what it is. Thanks!
Метки: Left  Dead  Episode  fan  film 
Видеоролик "Left 4 Dead Episode 1 (fan film)" добавлен автором Sergey в категорию Компьютерные игры.